Special Write UP - thankyou 2017

On behalf of the committee I would like to thank all the artists who appeared at the club in 2016. A special thank you to Rachel for the theme night karaokes and children’s nights but most of all to everyone who has supported the club whether it be for Bingo, Quizzes, Football, Snooker,Darts,  Karaoke, Saturday Nights or Special Events .

As For Me I would Like to thank the committee for there hard work and support with  Bingo ( Paul Keely and Sandra, Quizzes ( Chris Plain) Special Nights and Events ( Jackie, June, Maggie O, Dot, Diane, Tina, Denis, Colin and Maggie L (assistant club sec) There has been a great deal of Support from everyone to get the club back on track and some hard decisions had to be made and there will need to be more. thank you to Graham who stepped in to help with the accounts.  Many thanks to those who give up their own time to do work which goes unnoticed Paul K for tickets and Posters, Denis maintenance work . To the Bar Staff and domestics for their continued support not only to the club but also to each other because this has been a difficult year in many ways and where the understanding of life events has meant Teamwork.

If I have over looked anything or anybody then I assure it was not my intention to do so. English is not a subject of mine, but People are so anything anyone does for the Love of the Club is precious and more than money can buy we are all human. What’s the saying ” It is better to give than receive ” and one from me “Don’t knock anyone unless you are prepared to do it yourself”

So It only leaves me to wish each and everyone of you a Very Happy New Year For 2017 may it bring everything we wish for.

Yours Truly

Jeanette Jordan, club sec

Loraine Perry , Treasurer